The Art Farm is located on an old Dairy Farm in Navarino half way between Syracuse and Skaneateles. We moved here in 1992 and I started The Art Farm in 1999. I had worked previously in the Printing Business for 35 years but had been doing oil painting for most of my life. After a few years in business I found, to my surprise, that I had the only local Advertising company that actually did original illustrations. Most just download clip art or stock photography but I like to create things from scratch. The picture to the left is an oil painting of the farm in winter.

We started seeing computer generated art at the Printing company where I was doing traditional pre-press in the late 1980's. By the mid 1990's the work that I used to do by hand was all being done by computer. Not to be left behind I purchased a Macintosh and began to do computer graphics. The very thing that rendered me obsolete now became the basis of my new livelyhood. The possibilities on computers are practically endless.
When I am not doing art, I like to work on and drive my 1930 Model A Ford. This was a total, frame off restoration that took me nearly 5 years to complete.
          Rod Stanton, President The Art Farm